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What Is Google Adwords :

Google Adwords is basically google advertising system. Most of the ads that appear when we use internet on our mobile or computers are the part of Google Ads.

For Instance,

  • The pop-ups that appear when we are browsing our personal stuff are part of Google Adwords.
  • We often see some banners on the websites we are browsing on the daily basis.  And clicking on those banners redirects us to some other sites.These are also the part of Google Display ad network
  • When we search for any product or services on Google than the results appear with “Ad”. As described in the picture below…

Google adwords by digiad mantra


  • When we search for a mobile phone say iPhone than We see the shopping ads which is also a part of Google Adwords. As described in the picture below…

Shopping Google adwords by digiadmnatra

All of the above-stated ads appearances are the part of the Google advertisement networks.

Why Google Adwords :

Undoubtedly Google Advertisement network has great capabilities which can be explored to get your business marketed in the right direction. Some of the points are given below which helps us in understanding why we should use Google Adwords.


  • Target Area :

You can clarify the area from where you want to Inquiries to be generated.

  • Specify the motive :

Choose the right motive of the Google Adword campaign, Say Branding or Lead generation.

  • Choose right keywords :

We can choose the right key phrases which your customers use while searching for your services.

We can also study the audience online presence by using Keywords Planner by Google. Using that we can check how many people around us are looking for the services and by which keywords.

  • Cost Per Click Model :

In Google Adwords, We only Pay When a customer clicks on the link to your website. It means you don’t have to pay for your impressions and only you need to pay when a person clicks on the link.

How We do it :


  • Clients Participation :

We highly recommend your participation when we are working on your Ad accounts. We believe that the coordination from your side is always appreciable. Our Team always keep on taking reviews of the quality of the leads which are being generated, that helps us to improve our working and give better results every time.

  • Proper Sharing of our work reports :

We believe in our dedication and honesty towards our work. We always prefer sharing the work reports which specify that how we are working on your projects and how the progress is being done.

  • Suggestions and Improvisations

DigiAdmantra believes that there is always a room for improvement, We welcome all your suggestions and improvisations that can help us to improve our customer satisfaction level.


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