Google My business And Virtual Tour

Google My Business :


What is It :

  • Another Google Advertisement service, Google my business basically represents the local searches through Google.
  • For Instance, Unisex Salon In Gurgaon, Or Fitness Centre near meGoogle My business by digi ad mantra
  • These results vary when we search from the different locations.
  • It is one of the best services for the local businesses.
  • Nowadays people migrate a lot, Because of what they are always looking for the businesses online. So Google  My business is the product for the customers to get navigation, contact details, and other information.
  • Google is also giving some premium features like Virtual Tour. Different Spaces for inside pictures, outside, product, menu pictures, taking appointments etc.
  • It also offers a control panel to do changes and insights to track your progress.

Virtual Tours:

Google is providing a way to let your customers take the feel of your premises virtually.

  • Virtual Tours provide an immersive experience to your customers.
  • It helps to attract more customers and also give them a reason to stay on your listing for even more time.
  • Virtual Tour helps to generate more interest among your guests or patrons.
  • It also helps in giving your customers a confidence to put navigation on and give you a physical visit.
  • A virtual tour can be used on your facebook and your websites so your existing clients can also experience that.

DigiAdmantra helps you in getting these virtual tours done by trained Google Trusted Photographers that can help you in getting your online presence like never before.

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How We can help :

Google always appreciates the relevant information, On that basis, the search engine shows the results. No Matter how good you have established your business offline, like how your offices, shops their interiors and customer facilities. Google is not going to check by physically visiting your stores. It is more interesting in your online presence say Your website, Google My Business page and how enriched it is in terms of information.

Google consider Information like your website and its quality, Virtual tour, photos, rating and reviews your presence on other platforms etc

The Team of Digiadmantra helps you in sharing your information with Google in right way so that its visibility in Google search results can be improved. That finally results in getting more inquiries and better conversion ratio.



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